Code of Conduct

Please follow them if you don't want to get in trouble

Blender Cluster is a public community.

Everyone is welcome to submit their project for rendering here regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, or anything else that makes up a person. Not only is everyone welcome, we want everyone to feel comfortable and feel safe.

To make that happen, we present these rules of conduct that we promise to enforce.

Public Actions

There are many different public actions you can take on Blender Cluster.

These rules of conduct apply to all of them.

  • Creating new projects
  • Projects you share privately or publicly
  • Commenting on Gallery posts

Anything else in which you create something or directly communicate here

Everything in this Code of Conduct applies to any interactions in addition to use of the website.


Being a kind, supportive and helpful community member.

Important: please take note of Blender Cluster's EULA and Copyright


In any of those public actions, any content of the following kind is unacceptable:

  • Pornographic/Sexual
  • Hate speech (against race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc.)
  • Aggression towards other users, especially administrators
  • Harassment of other users
  • Disruptive behaviour (including spam, random unrelated conduct, etc.)
  • Offensive behaviour (including rude/inappropriate conduct, insults, etc.)
  • Illegal discussion (including that of illegal substances, real-world acts of a criminal nature, etc.)

This isn't a complete list, and all moderators reserve the right to remove users as they see fit. It's so you understand the vibe here. You know what being a jerk is; don't be one.

We're not going to put swearing on the list, as we feel that's a bit different. Crude, perhaps, but not the kind of offensive we're trying to police. We very likely won't promote or feature any content with swearing in it, however.

Important: don't take credit for other people's work or post anything illegal.

Who decides what is unacceptable?

We do. We realize there may be some subjectivity to these calls. We're going to err on the side of keeping the Blender Cluster community feeling safe and comfortable. We're also going to err on the side of someone telling us they are offended or being made uncomfortable. But again, ultimately it's our call.

Remember: you don't get to decide how other people feel about your actions, they do.

What happens when an unacceptable action has occurred?

If it is an offensive Pen, we will delete it. We'll try to backup the project and send it to the owner first.

If it is a comment or chat, we'll delete it. No backups.

If you've been notified of unacceptable behavior, we expect it to stop immediately.

We understand that everyone makes mistakes, has bad days, and has learning to do when it comes to this stuff. We're not going to delete your account for one occurrence. Unless it's especially egregious (our call). More likely we'll just shut it down and let you know. We will delete your account and ban you for repeated violations.

How to report unacceptable actions

The best way is to submit a support request. Just let us know what's going on and we'll handle it as soon as we can.